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Just recently in April 2008, is when it all started, I went to pick out a loveseat, chair & ottoman in a sage color. Well, when it was time to deliver the item to my home, it was the wrong color and not the right item ordered.

I called the store here in Denver to make an exchange for what I ordered & this is where the Headaches began! They swore that it was not their mistake due to they were in the middle of changing warehouses, computer systems, etc.. you name it they had every lame excuse in the book... Once I finally got thru listening to all the B.S.

I asked for a manager, and he got it straighten out so I could exchange the whole set for another style of funiture. So I went with another choice of chair & ottoman & recliner instead of the loveseat... well this time they managed to get the chair/otto right - but when it came down to delivering the recliner, i swear this company doesn't know what the right hand is doing from the left hand.... They didn't call me and tell that what I ordered was discontinued, so instead giving me a choice to pick out something else New; they gave me the Broken Down Floor Model, Which everyone & thier Neighbor had sat in and to boot is was broken, in which Sofa Mart tried to put the blame on me...

I told No Way, When the recliner was delivered and I saw this that day, I called the salesman, and refused it, his excuse was It is new - there is nothing wrong with it. I told hime I want a refund to my account ASAP.. I will be in today to see you - to get it applied to my account.. This salesman was not happy at all..

** For those who want new furniture I would not reccommend shopping with this company - due to the fact that they can't get *** straight.

I have tried 3 times over a period of 3 yrs with them and never failed each time something always happened.

But never again... My acct is cancelled as of today 6/13/08

Review about: Sofa Mart Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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Dear DB former Manager of Sofa Mart... I agree with everyone that has posted here and the customer service SUCKS !

Pretty bad when you get 2 recliners and you end up having problems with both of them , you go talk to a manager and they are WANTING you to take the refund instead of making it right.. Guess Sofa Mart has so much business they can afford to give refunds instead of making it right ... The funiture is obviously *** if everyone you order has a problem !! Yet Managment wants to blame it on the customer !

UNREAL ! Bottom line SOFA MART SUCKS ! The furniture is NOT MADE WELL it's JUNK ! STAY AWAY and go someplace else where there is better made furniture along with better customer appreciation.

It's OBVIOUS that sofa mart doest NOT appreciate there customers they treat them like THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS and they are to busy standing around huddled together watching football on the T.V to help you ..

The 1st time they were literally playing and tossing a football around back in forth in the store ! while NO CUSTOMERS exist in the store


Im sure these mistakes do happen. Im not sure,however, that I would let a few bad experiences ruin my view.

I have shopped at sofa mart and the row for years and have yet to experience one bad thing yet. The Las Cruces staff is superlative. I feel that SOME of theses complaints are from in experienced shopper who did not ask the right questions and dove right into a purchase. Let's not forget that at the end of the day its ip to you and you should ne confident this your our purchase and the staff selling it.

If you want to complain about customer service, wait times, warranty issues, and poorly made furniture with a uneducated staff; well , I would recommend fisting Ashley. :)


One more thought have any of you tired talking to a manager, because the warranty issue the last guy speaks of, I had an issue it was covered (no mind reader, but I did read my warranty info that came when I bought )


Wow, many of you seem so upset yet I'm sure the 10 or 15 of you angry have never told anyone about a type of good service you received. I work in the wonderful world of retail, and its the people like you who make our job so exciting.

I want you to think of your job as a mechanic or fast-food person, car salesman., etc... nothing ever goes wrong right.... and on top of that I'm just guessing your narrow opinion of the one shop/store/lot you work at gets its 1 or two complaints a month, now think of a national retailer like target Walmart apples midas.... they each have over 100,200,300,400 locations mistakes times that many locations equals a lot of mistakes does that make them horrible companies ?

According to many of you yes. Guess what tell me where you work ill stop by and see if I buy a car use it for 6 months and then cuz the tires are wearing low, return it..... or I want to order a big MAC eat it and then get a full refund cuz it tasted bad by the time I finished. Be realistic, I bought my stuff there, had a good experience owned it for 4 yrs now, yes the cushions show some signs.

Of being used, I wonder why...... people are unrealistic


getting the run around on our sofa. we are trying to get the pleather fixed but our extended warrany does not cover this are we mind readers no one told us this.

so now they are telling us spend money out of our own pocket to get this item fixed. DO NOT buy the BS warranty they try to sell you they WILL NOT back it even if you buy it :(


You customers want everything for free. I hope you never come back so we don't have to deal with you. :upset


Wah wah people are little ***


We purchased a leather, electric reclining sofa from Sofa Mart, Lakewood Colorado. It was 4 1/2 weeks late arriving.

After many phone calls, they finally delivered our couch. Shortly after delivery, we found that the left side seemed to be "bent" and leaning. 2 days later, the electric reclining motor went out. I called the store, they exchanged it immediately and delivered a brand new one.

The first one we received...I seriously think was a USED ONE FROM THEIR CLEARANCE CENTER. It looked used, it had no tags and was wrapped in a completely different material when the guys delivered it. I complained about it taking so long, so I believe the only sent me a used one to pacify me....then when it broke, they told me that the manufacturer had problems with this item!

Not to mention, we paid $1200 for a 3 person sofa...wasn't cheap, so if the mechanical mechanism wouldn't have went out, we probably would have been stuck with a USED SOFA! RRRGGG.....ANGRY.....Should have stuck with American Furniture Warehouse!!!


We have had 2 sets from this store and both have been JUNK!!!!! The first one I had looked old and balled up after 6 months the fabric was so CHEAP!!!

Then they did let me exchange for the one I have now which is falling apart also!!! You can feel the springs in the coushins. My recliner is coming apart at the back.

OH and the first set my oversized chair broke in the middle!!! PIECES OF *** NEVER EVER EVER WILL I BUY FROM HERE AGAIN!!!!!!


I have shopped for years with this company. I have found that u get what u pay for.

Unfortunately there customer service is terrible because they have nobody to so it. My salesperson handled everything that needs to be done.

I believe that their staff is overworked .remeber that all furniture is massed produced. So don't expect custom built for the price of off the shelf

Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India #94936

whaaa! stop crying, ALL furniture stores have issues.

I am a former manager for Sofa Mart, so I have no reason to stick up for them, but just because a couple people had bad service, and a couple people got a bad sofa doesnt mean you should all avoid shopping there... Seriously, go and make up your own mind...

And remember, you get what you pay for. They have very well made, quality furniture.


I'm so pissed! In October, we pre-ordered a brand new couch.

We were told we'd have to wait until the first week of November for it. When I called, they said they still didn't have the sofa and that it would be until the first week of December. NOW they are saying they don't even sell it anymore because they have NO IDEA when they will get more!!!! Unfortunately, the last week of October we sold our POS couch, anxiously awaiting the new one.

Still sitting on the freaking floor and it's been 2 1/2 months!! :(


Lousy quality furniyture! We bought a $2,200 set in May of 2009 and the foam rubber in the cushions was shot in a month and a half and when you try to sit slide onto the floor.

You couldnt flip the cushions because they were form fitted to the shape of the couch. We complained and they ordered us a new set. We live 4 hours from their store so we volunteered to bring the old set back...about $200 out of our pocket to go to their store and back. Well a month later, the legs are falling off the new set and the pillow cushions are very shabby deformed looking.

We called the store and told them we want our money back because obviously all they sell is junk. They said that we cant get cash back, their warranty only covers exchanges...we were furious...why would we continue to get exchanges of junk furniture? They want us to pay for shipping and pick up on a new set and we refuse...we want our money back.

LUCKILY when we picked up the new set, I had the salesman put in writing that there is a 1 year warranty on it because there is absolutely NOTHING written on anything regarding their warranty policy. DONT SHOP AT SOFA MART!


Thanks for the insight think I'll just pass

on their web site. Sometimes they just get

too big to care.


If you have Pre Paid Legal on your side, all of these complaints will be taken care of immediately. It makes a huge difference when you as a consumer make the call versus a law firm.

If interested in Pre Paid Legal, please contact me at the following website:


I agree. I was sent damaged furnature and have spent the past week fighting them about it.

They claim because I got such a good deal on it I should accept it as is. Even though they set the sale price and advertised it as new! I am deciding if I want to keep it for a small refund but I lose all manufacturer warranties or just return it all. They are not customer friensly AT ALL.

I will never spend my money here again.

The only reason I am even considering keeping the set is I really like it and it was a good price. Although I question the quality.


Wow thats good to know... Im looking for some end tables and I was checking out sofa mart but yeah some stores are like that.

That sucks for them cuz now the just lost another potential! :p :upset

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