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My wife and I went in search of a new chair for our living room this weekend. Sofa Mart, in Clarksville Indiana, advertises, "unconditional return on any purchase within 7 business days." This sounded too good to be true, but in fact, they confirmed this for me when I showed up to look at chairs. The store manager told me, I could "return any purchase for 7 days", and I said, "no restocking fee", and he said, "none at all."

I bought the chair, and my wife decided she did not want it, so, on day 4, I called the store to find out what I had to do to return it for a refund. I was told that the "return policy was actually an exchage policy", and I could exchange the piece I bought for another. When I tried to explain that this was not what the store manager told me at the time of purchase, I was told that it was explained to me at the time of purchase that it was an exchange policy and not a return policy. I then asked them why, after asking twice at the time of purchase to be sure I understood the policy, did they tell me it was a return for refund policy. They said that they did not. I asked to talk to the store manager, and was given the run around, and was told he would not talk to me. I asked to speak to his boss, and was told that he was going to tell me the same thing that they had already told me, and he would not talk to me.

I am pissed!!!!!! The reason I bought the chair in the first place was because they told me if I got it home and we didn't like it, we could return it for a refund, not exchange it for a different chair. The fact that they screwed up and gave me the wrong information should not preclude them from honoring their word and giving me a refund.

In the end, I hope they enjoy that $400 dollars. It is the last time I will ever set foot in a Sofa Mart store again. Sad for them, as my wife and I we also scouting for new furnishings for the house we are building. Because of their poor customer service, they have now screwed themselves out of a possible $20,000 potential sale. What goes around, comes around.

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Monetary Loss: $400.

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I bought a sofa and loveseat and was told it would be in for pick up in 2-3 weeks. It took almost 2 months.

I picked it up and when I unwrapped it the colors did't match. They told me I should have inspected it at the time of pick up. I did inspect it. The color was very similar, but they did not match.

They reordered another love seat and told me to come in and pick it up. I did,after waiting 4 weeks and inspected it again. Again it was the wrong color. I told them they could come pick up the sofa and they refused telling me it was my fault.

I told them I wanted a refund and they told me that because I had the sofa for 4 weeks they would not refund my money.

They did refund the love seat but now I had to buy another love seat from another store that does not match. I will never buy from them again.


Less than a year ago, we purchased a double-reclining sofa from the store in Bryan, Texas. The plastic release handle for one side broke off and my wife call the local store to request replacement.

After waiting three weeks, we called again, only to hear that the local store had apparently lost the request or forgot to make it.

We re-ordered the part some four weeks ago. It still has not come in and the store says it has no way of tracking the part or even confirming that the Chinese manufacturer ever received either order.


Get everything in writing. Sales people can say anything to get a sale, but unless it's in writing, the company doesn't have to honor it.


We had the same experience in Utah (i.e.-the salesman said we had 7 days to return for full refund) and it worried me when I read this. When we decided not to get the sofa we had ordered, we contacted the store and they cancelled the sale with no problem.


The part you are missing is the fact that I asked TWICE if it was an exchange policy or a refund policy, and was told both times either, that they would work with me.

The story has a happy ending. After getting past the Store Manager, and talking to his Regional Manager, they issues me a refund for my purchase.


Sofa Mart has you sign papers that say once take the furniture home you have 7days to exchange it. The customer must sign off on this.

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